My Family

I have a big and happy family.Let me introduce my family to you. 

Now look at this photo of my family.The old man and woman in the middle is my grandparents,Alan Smith and Joan Smith.They’re sixty-seven and seventy.These are my parents ,Tom Smith and Linda Smith.My father is thirty-five and my mother is thirty-two.They’re both teachers in a middle school.This woman in a red sweater is my aunt,Anna Smith. She is twenty years old.This is my uncle Jim Smith. He’s great fun. The lovely girl is my cousin,Amy Smith.She’s only six years old.Who’s this boy? Can you guess? Haha,yes,it’s me,Bob Smith.I’m thirteen and I’m a student now.


(  )6.Tom Smith is thirty-two years old.

(  )7.Smith is my cousin’s last name.

(  )8.My aunt is twenty-three years old.

(  )9.Tom is Jim’s brother.

(  )10.My aunt is in a blue sweater.






6. ( F )

7. ( T )

8.( T )

9. ( T ) 

10. ( F )