Uncle Wang’s Clothes Store

Hello,everyone! Welcome to Uncle Wang’s Clothes Store .Do you want to buy your clothes at very low prices? Now we have all kinds of good clothes at great sale.For women,we have nice skirts in purple and red skirts for only 36 yuan.And for men, we have great trousers for 78 yuan and blue jackets for only 79 yuan. Do you need sweaters?Well,we sell our sweaters in many colors for only 88 yuan.For students, we have beautiful sports shoes for only 99 yuan and smart jeans for only 66 yuan. The T-shirts for boys are very nice.There are blue,yellow, green and white T-shirts,they are for fifty yuan and only 70 yuan for two.The trousers for boys are the same price as the men’s.

We have many gifts(礼物)for you on the New Year’s  to Uncle Wang’s Clothes Store now.


1.How much are the boys’ trousers? ______________________________ .

2.What color’s T-shirts does Uncle Wang Clothes Store have?

____________________________________________________________ .

3.Wang Wei wants to buy a pair of sports shoes and two T-shirts,how muchmoney(钱)does she need ?


4.Do they have green skirts in Uncle Wang Clothes Store ?

____________________________________________________________ .

5.Are the sweaters ninety-nine yuan?

____________________________________________________________ .






1.78 yuan.

2.There are blue,yellow, green and white T-shirts.

3.169 yuan.

4.No, they don’t.

5.No, they aren’t.